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Book Review: “Bared to You”

They say if you love the Fifty Shades trilogy, you’ll love this book.

I’m here to say that you didn’t love the writing of the Fifty Shades trilogy, you’ll love this book.

I’m a newcomer to New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day. I’m not very familiar with her stories, but when I found out that “Bared to You” (the first installment in the Crossfire series) is similar to E.L. James’s recent works, I immediately downloaded it on my Nook. After reading the book, I can honestly characterize it as Fifty Shades without the BDSM.

The book is about two coworkers who eventually become lovers. Eva Tramell is a smart, assertive advertising assistant who falls head over heels in love with Gideon Cross, a John F. Kennedy Jr’esque billionaire tycoon who owns the firm Eva works at.

Sound familiar?

Eva and Gideon’s chemistry and connection are volcanic and very consensual. Their first exchange caught me off-guard of the things that Gideon says to Eva. If it was a real situation, the words “sexual harassment” would be branded on the walls, but I digress. At first, their relationship becomes very physical, but then as you begin to learn more about the two lovestrong characters, their relationship becomes more emotional and deep.

Eva and Gideon carry a lot of baggage from their past, albeit both of them being abuse survivors. We know how Eva was abused, but we don’t get a clear picture into Gideon’s abusive past. All we know is that Gideon can’t stand to be in his mother’s home for some unknown reason, which can leave the reader in suspense.

Like Fifty Shades, there are some hooks to this book that draws you into the chemistry of Eva and Gideon. Like Christian is to Ana, Gideon is very possessive to Eva that one would think a restraining order is long overdue. The main characters are rich, beautiful, and successful — almost too good to be true. In that sense, it lacks realism, but then again it’s fiction.

I do have to say that Sylvia Day’s writing is better than E.L James for a romance novel. Day is very detailed and her writing flows in almost every scene. You don’t get a sense of constant repetition of certain words like in the Fifty Shades trilogy. Her vocabulary is broad, which is a good thing for an author. Day is also very knowledgeable of the story’s upscale setting in New York City.

For those of you who have read the book and is wanting more, I’m happy to inform you that the second installment of the trilogy called “Deeper in You” comes out this October.

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