Rising above the hate at E-town

04 Apr

I am and will always be a proud Blue Jay.

Four of the best years of my life were spent at Elizabethtown College. I will always regard it as my second home.  It was there that I was inspired by incredible professors, developed some long-lasting friendships by awesome people near and far, smelled the chocolatey air (which I ultimately knew it was a good day), was welcomed with open arms the very first night I spent on campus (thank you, Sarah Polite and all the peer mentors!), and gained the acceptance, confidence and independence to be myself.

My heart broke this morning when I read the news story that E-town had to call the FBI for suspected hate crimes. Apparently, some people have written words like “kill” and posting offensive languages in bathroom stalls and whiteboards outside of student’s dorm rooms.

Here’s the link to the story:

This is not the E-town that I knew and loved. This is not to say that E-town was like Pleasantville. There were some douchebags on campus from time to time, but for the most part I have never seen anything quite like this. This is a whole new low, and it needs to be stop right now! I am proud of my college for stepping up.

I understand that people have the right to express themselves, but they also need to learn to be RESPECTFUL of others when it comes to color, beliefs, and creed. We are sending the wrong message to not only the future generations but the future Elizabethtown College alums. There’s no excuse for ANYBODY to hate or judge someone who doesn’t share their personal views. My best friend from E-town has different religious beliefs than me, but I love her just the same because I respect her opinions and frankly, she’s an awesome person all around! #truefriend!

We may black or white, short or tall, gay or straight, but we are still perfect in God’s eyes. Let us all be accepting of one another. Let us all come together and help the students who walk the campus every day feel comfortable about being themselves. Let us give back to the college that gave us 4 years of fond memories.

We need to start up a conversation and engage in a discussion to make E-town better. I encourage all alums to Like the Alumni United for a Better Etown page on Facebook.

We are better than this. We are family! It’s time to rise above the hate.

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