Book Review: “Room For Love” by Andrea Meyer

27 Feb

Recently, I did something that I thought I would never do. I went on a blind date! 🙂

OK, I have to be honest it wasn’t with a guy. My date was with a book. I know you’re probably thinking, “Rosie, WTF! You had our hopes up!”  Before you go and revolt, let me explain. I participated in my public library’s Valentine’s Day event called “Blind Date with a Book.”  The staff gift-wrapped a1264885 small selection of romance novels and placed them on display at the front of the library. With the book’s title in disguise, those interested could pick one lucky member out of the group, check it out of the library, unwrap “the date”, and start reading.

Beneath the cleverly-wrapped red-hearted tissue paper, I read Andrea Meyer’s debut novel called “Room For Love.” The book is about a 32-year-old film writer and editor named Jacquie Stuart and her quest is to find the man of her dreams in the streets of New York City. She has looked for love in all the wrong places, and she wonders whether she’ll ever meet Mr. Right. Taking her sister’s advice, Jacquie scours through the “roommate wanted” ads to find her one true love. In doing that, she can find out more about a guy by studying his surroundings. It’s such an innovative idea that she writes a piece about it in the fictional Luscious magazine (think Cosmo, Redbook, Harper’s Bazaar, etc).

After visiting several apartments and seeing (and dating) potential candidates, Jacquie finds in an almost perfect situation with Anthony, a reality show producer. Certain circumstances makes Jacquie questions her actions. Is Anthony Mr. Right? What will happen when he finds out the truth about her? Did she really have to look hard to find love?

This is a very light chick-lit read. It almost reminded me of Candace Bushnell and the show Sex and the City. The characters were appealing and Andrea Meyer did a great job in making them seem real and in building the suspense. While reading the book, I kept wondering when Jacquie was going to Mr. Right.

I was very surprised with how my “date” ended. 🙂

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