Pumped for Love

11 Feb

A/N: This article was also part of the Heart Health supplement in February’s issue of Businesswoman’s magazine.

By: Rosalba Ugliuzza

Behind every great man, there’s a great woman. But for 77-year-old Eugene Borza, he has a sweetheart.

Thanks to his wife of 37 years, WITF-TV President Kathleen Pavelko, Borza has overcome his latest health scare for the better.

Last January, Pavelko was at her husband’s side when he underwent surgery to replace four blocked arteries at the PinnacleHealth Heart Center in Harrisburg.

“My wife Kathleen is an angel. She decided she was going to best take care of me because when you’re on a lot of meds, your mind is not working very well. She was there all the time,” said Borza, a retired college professor. “She was the basic source of support.”

Borza had no medical and family history of heart disease. So the news came as a shock when he developed symptoms of shortness of breath and chest discomfort in March 2011. After a stress test resulted negative, the couple consulted with their physician who initially thought the problem might have been gastric-related.

“Our physician, Dr. Howard Cohen, suggested that only the “gold standard” test (cardiac catheterization) could confirm the source of the symptoms,” said Pavelko. “That revealed four blockages that were repaired via surgery a few days later.”

Borza is grateful for the excellent care the doctors and staff provided at PinnacleHealth. The couple, who have two children, have resumed a healthy, low-salt, moderate fat diet and exercise regularly.

Pavelko said it’s important that two people are present when they are consulting with a medical professional.

“Each meeting is an invaluable opportunity to ask questions and expand your understanding of the situation,” she said.


Borza said his wife did just that and owes her a great debt.

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