“Bold & Bling: What’s Hot? What’s Not?”

11 Feb

A/N: This article was previously published in the December issue of BusinessWoman magazine.

By: Rosalba Ugliuzza

The beauty of jewelry is special; it’s a personal extension of fashion that brings versatility. From bold to bling, jewelry gives a touch of confidence to a woman that can transform her to a precious darling or a sexy diva.

And with the seasons changing, so do the trends. Whether the hottest piece of jewelry is a big, bold pearl, a unique colored gemstone, or sterling silver, one thing is for sure each year: Customers want to be wowed.

“Jewelry is such an emotional purchase, whether that emotion is a celebration or a reward. At Mountz Jewelers, we always want to fulfill that need for a customer. We stay current with the trends,” said Cherie Grove, manager of Mountz Jewelers in Camp Hill and a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. “Customers want something that will wow them, and that they can be proud wearing because its unique.”

Year after year, the diamond still proves to be a girl’s best friend as it is a timeless classic for every woman to own.

“Diamonds stud earrings never go out of style,” Grove said.

With a lot of the young people, particularly children of the baby boomers, getting married, bridal jewelry is selling like hotcakes.

More diamond engagement rings are being set in white gold rather than yellow gold to amplify the unique look.

“Right now, we see so many of the diamonds surrounding the diamonds, and it gives this great look that is big,” said Julie Gantz, manager of Warren Jewellers in Lancaster. “It’s bold, but it doesn’t have the gloss of one single diamond itself. A lot of sparkle or a lot of glamour that comes out of, for example, halo settings.”

Grandma-style pearls may be out the door, but big, bold, colored or white pearls are still in style.

Pearl jewelry has become so versatile for women that they wear them with a t-shirt or with a little black dress at a party to mimic Jackie Kennedy.

“We’ve found pearls are really, really big right now,” Gantz said. “A lot of pearl bracelet styles are out there.”

Gantz said while chic is in, many people are taking the classic look and injecting it with their personal flavor. For example, an 18-year-old customer was shopping for her prom and ultimately bought a double-strand pearl necklace and pearl earrings and bracelet at the store because she wanted to look like Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Colored pearls give it their own unique taste. It’s not something that’s too expensive or out of reach for most women,” she said. “It’s a really special moment when we can all look at someone going to their prom, and they want to look like Audrey Hepburn.”

According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 marked the year of the dragon, which symbolizes wealth, prosperity, protection, and love in the Asian culture. Designer brand John Hardy is one of the leading designers using traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques and patterns to create modern pieces that incorporate the dragon motif. It is also a staple brand at Mountz Jewelers.

“Known as the Naga Collection, the dragon is the inspiration behind every piece of the collection. Naga earrings may reflect the scales of the dragon, while one of the bracelet’s clasps features the dragon head. The pearls and circles in the Naga Collection all symbolize love,” Grove said.

Bracelets have become popular and cover entire gamut from chunky and block-colored to beaded bracelets in rainbow hues, especially with Pandora jewelry.

“The Pandora brand offers jewelry in addition to the charms and releases a collection every fall. They’ll do the same thing in the spring as well,” said Grove. “Every season, customers have the opportunity to add the new, fresh beads, which is wonderful.”

Stackable rings from Pandora have become a hot trend as well, according to Gantz.

“You can come in and buy yourself a new ring starting at $25 and be able to mix and match colors and be able to not wear the same ring every single day,” she said. “A lot of gemstones in the designs are big, bold trends (at Warren Jewellers).”

Gemstones in any color are still a hit with customers, while the traditional birthstone jewelry is a thing of the past. Since the inception of autumn, rough-cut quartz has become popular with its brown hue that one can wear with neutrals or any fall wardrobe.

Keeping up with the trends can be a fun, enjoyable, shopping experience for customers and jewelry designers and salespeople. However, no matter the style or the trend, every client is unique.

“As the customers continue to change, the designs will have to continue to evolve, and Mountz Jewelers will continue to offer a unique and diversified selection of jewelry for our clients,” said Grove. “So it all kind of goes together to fulfill that needs of each client when they’re looking for a beautiful, special place.”

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