Book Review: “Point of Retreat” by Colleen Hoover

07 Jan

I was thinking of writing another poem as a way to review this book, but what it comes right down to it, I could only think of two words. Butterflying AWESOME!! 🙂

“Point of Retreat” is a smooth transition from “Slammed”, and this time, we are guided by Will’s point-of-view. Lake’s mother Julia becomes the inspirational element of the story.  After she dies, Will and Lake’s love for one another is tested as they continue13496084 to spiral down life’s hardships. Julia’s wisdom and unconditional love follow Lake and Will on their bumpy, yet loving journey. As her final gift, Julia (posthumously) gives the couple a vase filled with handmade folded stars containing advices and lyrics about life and love. Julia instructs them to take a star whenever they run into rough patches and boy do they!

For starters, Will’s ex-girlfriend Vaughn comes into the picture again. Will neglects to tell Lake that he and his ex, the girl who deserted him after his parents passed away, have a class together, shit hits the fan. Lake begins to question Will’s love for her. It’s no secret that they share a common bond of parental deaths and taking care of their brothers, but what would have happened to them if those similarities didn’t exist? Would Will still have loved Lake for her? Will takes matter into his own hands and decides to fight for what’s right for him.

We are introduced to some new characters like Sherry and her daughter Kiersten, who live on the same street as Lake and Will. Kiersten is the same age as Kel and Caulder and adds a comical, upbeat relief to the story, thanks her constant nosiness and various choice of words.

This book surpassed all of my expectations for this series, and the best part is that there’s another one coming out this year!! This is probably the most beautiful, tender love story I have ever read. However, the story is not just about love. It also centers on a lot of themes of responsibility and maturity. The unusual family unit built around the story tugs your heart. Colleen Hoover is a natural for making her characters come alive. Her writing style is simple yet powerful. She keeps you hooked every chapter. Page after page, I felt as if I was in the same room with them.

I guess that’s the joy of being an avid reader because you get to live vicariously through the characters. That’s something not to be ashamed of.

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