A balancing act

05 Mar

Saturday, March 5, 2011.

Day 18 of my soda detoxification.

I had a dream the other night that I was walking on a tightrope. It was a very long tightrope, and I was carrying one of those long poles that circus performers carry in their acts. I was doing very well keeping my balance when all of a sudden I heard a fizzzz. A distractor opened a soda can from behind. All of a sudden, I wobble and lose my balance and ultimately fall off the rope.

Thankfully, it was just a dream. Is it?

Ever since I decided to banish soda from my everyday routine, I feel like I’ve been walking on this damn tightrope. Each baby step I take (or each day that passes) brings me closer to my goal. I hope and pray that I don’t fall off, but it’s so tempting to do so. So far, so good. Right?

Actually not drinking soda is easier than thinking about soda. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’s sad, I know. Pathetic at best. It’s so sad that one night this past week, I had a craving so bad at work that I e-mailed my friend and said, “I can’t take this anymore!” Her response was “Keep strong! You can do it! Mind over matter!”

Mind over matter?

You have to understand soda and I go a long way. Our relationship has been enjoyable, refreshing, and sometimes discomforting. I was introduced to soda when my father had his own pizza shop. For a cute 3-year-old who loved to run around, that place was a playground. My father had one of those soda fountains where you stuck a cup underneath your selection and pressed a button. I loved the buzzing sound that it made when the drink was poured into the cup, and the soda fizzing away.

I, of course, couldn’t reach the darn thing so somebody had to get it for me. I would not have just one selection. Oh no, no, no. That wasn’t good enough for me. I would have about four selections each night. For example, I would always start with a Cherry Coke. Then after I finished drinking the Cherry Coke, I would ask someone to give me a regular Coke. Chugged that down, went back and got a Sprite. I would normally finish the night off with a Sunkist. From an early age, I was a binge drinker. To my defense, you gotta drink soda when you’re eating pizza, even if you did it every night.

Then Pepsi came around and it was love at first sight. I had my first Pepsi at my cousin’s school recitals. I remember there was an intermission, and my dad and I went to get a snack, and there was a vending machine nearby. As soon as I got the drink, I could feel the fizz reaching up to my nose, and the rest is history. I have to say though fasting or not, Pepsi tastes so much better than Coke!!! I don’t care who you are!

There are a few people who doubt that I can fast for one year. I had one person tell me that I “always try to quit soda for a time and that you (meaning me) always go back.” To that critic, I have one thing to say:

Watch me. I will keep my balance.

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