Chris Brown + Love = ?

05 Sep

So, I’m driving to work yesterday morning and I have the radio turned on to a local Top 40 station, where the DJs play a clip of the Chris Brown interview with Larry King. As you may know, hip hop singer Chris Brown recently pled guilty to a felony assault for beating up his girlfriend and singer Rihanna. The judge sentenced him to five years probation and six months of community service.

Personally, I think he should have received some jail time because domestic abuse in any type of relationship, gay or straight, married or boyfriend/girlfriend, is flat-out WRONG!! I don’t care if he is a platinum-recording artist. What he did was wrong and he should have gotten a tougher sentence, but I digress.

Anyway, back to the Larry King interview. So the radio DJs were playing clips of the interview and I was flabbergasted by what Brown said. At one point, during the interview, Brown said that he and Rihanna never learned how to love. If he meant loving one another, well then that can be understandable I guess, but if he meant not knowing how to love in general, then there’s a problem. So is he saying that during his upbringing, his mother or no one else in his life taught him how to love? If that’s the case, then Brown has some serious problems ahead.

I am a fan of Chris Brown. I like his songs, but he’s gotta a long way to go and some serious soul searching before he can finally be back at the level he once was and the respect he once had.

So for now, it’s been said it’s been done. It’s been real it’s been fun.

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