Review of Wrestlemania 25

07 Apr

Grade: C-

There was only one match last night at Wrestlemania 25 that stood out beyond belief and, unfortunately, the remaining matches should have fallen into the grave.

No pun intended.

After reading several blogs and articles, I agree with the consensus that the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels was the best match of the night and probably deeming it the “Match of the Year.” These two icons stepped up to the plate the minute they entered the ring and presented an unstoppable, phenomenal performance that left the crowd satisfied and wanting for more. Instead, the next match made a 180 degree turn from beginning to end.

I don’t know what the WWE creative team have been smoking lately, but they have got to get their heads out of their asses. Good God, the HHH-Orton match was nothing but dull and that’s putting it mildly. There was no spark, simple as that. After the Taker-Michaels match, the last match should have been icing on the cake, considering all that build up leading to Wrestlemania. You got two Superstars who have a lot of history with each other because they were former stablemates. Both of them have been world champions, and both of them are what I consider to be among the A-list of wrestling superstars.

It was just a regular match, something that I would see on Raw or Smackdown. The only stipulation was that the WWE title would change hands if there was a disqualification. I felt like HHH and Orton didn’t put any heart or passion put into the match. A punch here, a punch there, the pin and then done, HHH is champion. Big whoopee-fricken-do. I mean I like HHH more than Orton, but I would rather have Orton win the title via disqualification for storyline purposes. For instance, have one of the McMahons turn heel and join Legacy or have Cody “the Wuss” Rhodes and Ted DiBiase kidnap Linda McMahon. Where the hell were Rhodes and DiBiase during the match? They were always helping their leader out every week on Raw. Were they smoking crack backstage?

It’s going to be interesting how the storyline goes from here. We’ll have to wait and see tonight on Raw. Thoughts on other matches:

Diva Royale: Did anybody notice that Santino “Santina” Marella just stood there in the ring while the other divas were wrestling? I just thought that was funny. Santino in drag? God, help us all.

Jericho vs. Piper/Snuka/Steamboat: I wasn’t surprised that Jericho won. As expected, Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke did enter into the ring and delivered some jabs to Jericho. I was disappointed he didn’t deliver the “Ram Jam” move.

Cena/Big Show/Edge: I actually wanted Big Show to win, but I’m not surprised that Cena won. I thought it was incredible how Cena delivered the FU to Big Show AND Edge in one time. I’m surprised he was able to walk back up the ramp after the match. Does this mean that Cena is the king of Vickie’s heart now? Yuck.

JBL vs. Rey Mysterio: I was a little disappointed that Rey won, even though I love Rey. There was much speculation that JBL was going to retire as champion and do color commentary with JR. Apparently, according to his blog, he’s done with the WWE for now. That’s a shame because I enjoyed his commentary even though he was a heel. I liked him better when he was a member of APA and played poker backstage with Farooq. DAMN!

Oh well.

Til next time, it’s been said, it’s been done, it’s been real, it’s been fine. Peace!

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